Sunday, January 25, 2009


An 18 years old Macallan

I have a reunion dinner with family just now. Having a steamboat with Macallan... I can feel my every single heartbeating for every seconds...

We have took half of the bottle of Macallan which contains 43% alcohol... I'd really feel tipsy now...

But the drink was really nice... easy to swallow, it's taste likes Sprite :)


Another CK's perfume bought for me by Kiet from England. I wonder why guys likes to buy perfume to girls... Or they think girls need the spray to mask themselve huh?
Haha... it's weird...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A beggar?

Yesterday i saw a man pass by at the Batu Pahat Bus Station. He turned back toward the Malay man besides me. He begged him for a cigarette but failed. Then he went toward the public phone the check whether there's coins which has not been taken.

What a pity of him... He has a strong body with big stomach, aged around 30 years old with normal arms and legs, why does he needs to acts like a pity man?

There's a lot of cripples or disability people but still has their own volition to stay longer using their own hands. Why don't the guy just find a job to work with?

I really cant understand what those people thinking...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boring talk..

The talk given by Prof XXX this morning was from 8.30am until 11.30am about the topic Interoperability which purposely made for IT students from first year to third year at DTII.

Look at those Malay siswis almost all wearing pink veil.

Actually i was fuzzy of what that guy talking about because i'd jz keep talking with my frens during the whole talk. Many of them, no matter Chinese's or Malay's students do felt sleepy and some of them really fall asleep -.-''' .

Quenny and Hebe are sleeping as sleeping beauty, while Mei keep sms with some one who are "important".

Those Malays sleeping as well.

Even the technician behind who from FTMM sleep too (by peeking).

See... All fall asleep.

Then awake from the nice dream.

CNY's coming!! Yea...

Chinese New Year is coming soon... I feel so much excited waiting for the coming of the holidays! That's 5 more days, i will going to Bei Jing with a trip.

I guess it will be super duper fun for me because the whether in Bei Jing is very chilly, It's WINTER!!! The weather i love the most... and the snowing i await so long!

Though there's 3 assignments and 2 labsheets need to pass up after the new year, I'm going to finish it all before the first day of chinese new year, hopefully, then i'll have my absolute perfect trip. ^^

Winter in Bei Jing, I'm coming for you~~

I'm going to take a photo of myself with this great view.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My First Mickey

I got my first Mickey mouse from Africk who was just came back from Hong Kong. I like doll, as others girls who are girlish, have few collection of Winnie Poohs on my bed, now they going to have one new buddy, Mickey.

Cutie Mickey mouse from HK Disney Land as my souvenir.

His head bigger than mine but his body is smaller.

My new buddy..

He bought me another souveniers.. perfumes, thanks ya ^^

Gucci's (from the left) and Calvin Klein's perfume.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "nice" ticket collector

Today, again, i thought of met a nice human too as the coin guy. But unfortunately, it was not...

I was taking the travel bus, KKKL back to KL at 4.30pm. Rushing to the bus stand from city campus, reach the bus stand at 4.30 sharp. Then i quickly run to the KKKL counter to buy the ticket for 4.30pm but the counter worker said the bus has gone. I guessed the bus haven't gone yet so i rushed to the bus lane there to have a look...

What i guessed was right, the bus still waiting there, I asked the driver and ticket collector, both malay guys, to check whether there's still has empty seat available for me or not. Fortunately, it still has alot empty seats. The ticket collector asked me to go in without asking me to pay. So i thought this week will be my luckiest week in 2009 or i meet my magnet in my life. He is such a "nice" guy in Johor.

The story is not ended yet... Before i get down from the bus when has reached Pudu, the driver stopped me, showed me his slender forefinger and middle finger with mentioning "dua puluh" ...... Oh my god, i thought the ride is free. There's no free lunch in the universe :D :D :D I am naive, still.

Coin Guy

The scenery of Perwira, which the water refill machine is located.

I've been meet a nice guy at Perwira this week. He is a Malay, was wearing helmet that time, and I'd totally forgot how he look likes.

I think it was Tuesday, Wednesday or maybe Thursday, forgot which day it was, holding the 5 liter empty bottle to refill, but the refill machine was sick and it ate my 60 cents, i just got my 30 cents water refill into the bottle, i have no extra coin to refill it back... Luckily the Malay guy saw the situation and give me a hand with 20 cents to refill the water back. Can't believe still has a nice human stay at Perwira! There's a lot people who only stand idle without giving any helps...

Thanks to him and bless him... But i can't recognize his face, cant return the coins back to him...