Monday, September 28, 2009

::Busy Day::

Had a bad bad dream when taking my nap just now. :( Dreamt about a ghost and bad people. Sobs... Fortunately Yen Yen woke me up for dinner.

Had an insomnia last night. Can't sleep well because my sleep mode was setted to 3am in the last whole week. I felt physically super duper tired though, guess might be some one who usually having the insomnia spread the virus to me!

I saw Calvin's post on the Facebook. Feel so sad when reading his post.

"几米说: 当你喜欢我的时候,我不喜欢你,当你爱上我的时候,我喜欢上你, 当你离开我的时候,我却爱上你,是你走得太快,还是我跟不上你的脚步, 我们错过了诺亚方舟,错过了泰坦尼克号,错过了一切的惊险与不惊险,我们还要继续错过. 我不了解我的寂寞来自何方,但我真的感到寂寞。你也寂寞,世界上每个人都寂寞,只是大家的寂寞都不同吧。" This was what he post. Gosh! I don't like the way he expressed his feeling, it's just making other people worry for him. :( However, most of the videos from Youtube that he post on Facebook are really nice. Thanks him for sharing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

::Raya's Celebration::

Tomorrow, again, need to head back the place I study. Feel unwilling to go back, but have to. Bad thing, my bus ticket on 9am! T.T My friend bought for me, or else I wont buy early ticket!!!
My intuition tells me next week will be a busy and unlucky week as usual. Somehow I scared to face the truth, some people in uthm. I don't know what am I talking about, just... prefer staying at my sweet home :)

I've done few activities with my beloved friends. :) Bowling, movie x 3, birthday celebration with two september babies, shopping with dear, yum cha, and nap at dear's house. ;) Also, I'd finished my chapter 2 literature review and one home test assigment. Gosh, I din't touch all the notes that I brought back yet. Wasting my manpower to bring home. :(

Yokoso Mascara for Ashley's birthday present since she likes to make up, so i guess this might suits her.

Face Scrub for Gideon's birthday present. I'd called him before bought this for him to make sure if he's using a face scrub. :D
Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe. Din't you all noticed that the words on the cake are so ugly? Kyle said it was wrote by a foreigner. :(

The main characters of the night.

Boon's holding his apple juice and my honeydew juice (fresh juice, my favourite ;)). Peck Wah and me both were wearing black shirt that night.

Gideon's goldfish face any my tongue out face. He was keep asking me to post this photo on the facebook, but I haven't do so. :D

The family of the day (and the camera girl) at Boston Sunway. Feel so good hanging out with them indeed. :)

And this for myself, my new watch since my old ones is spoiled.
Thanks to my beloved daddy. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendship Line

That's a guy who keep asking me out since few months ago... I'd rejected him all the dates by giving lame excuse that busying with my stuffs. Currently is my special break (raya break) which has one week holidays, last week, that guy told me that he wanted come to my house at Klang and i thought he was kidding. Who knows! Gosh, he is serious! Saying coming to my house in this weekend...

To avoid bad things happen to him, car accidents or got lost at somewhere, I'd persuaded him not to come by promised him to out with him once i get back Batu Pahat.. *sobs* What else can I do?? Tell lies that I have a new boyfriend? Or break my promise not going out with him? Haha.. That were what my friends suggested... However, I am unwilling to do so, I don't want to cheat people, break my promise or drag innocent guy friend into the river.. :(

Sometimes, I do wondering why can't we just be normal friends? Why some of them so stubborn want to across the friendship line? Isn't it better if just become friends, sharing, caring and helping each other?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dotty Blue

Booty of the Day. :)
Bought at Bukit Tinggi's Aeon Jusco.

A pair of shoe purposely for classes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

:: Precious Friendship ::



我很珍惜那样的纯友谊,很喜欢那样的友谊。。 :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I saw this on forward mail, one of the most peculiar creatures, its called the Angora Rabbit.
Isn't it lovely?

I wish I could have one. :)