Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm going to pay a visit at Pusat Kesihatan Universiti (PKU) tomorrow, not because of the sickness, it's for Imagine Cup's competition. Dr. Rathiah is sincerely wanted me to join for the competition, we met today with my two friends, had a short discussion, hell she gave me an useful idea for me to hit one of the 8 development goals. So in order not to make her down, and not to make myself regret in future, I'm really thinking to join, going to conducting an interview at PKU tomorrow morning for more details about X-Ray and medical scans. Hoping to get more information that help my propose system.

Normally student needs 3 working days to get the interview approvement letter released from faculty. Gosh, with the name of "DR" from Dr Rathiah, I can get the letter in FEW HOURS only. Thanks so much. :)