Saturday, January 30, 2010

Imagine Cup

Have you heard about Imagine Cup? I guess you never heard before huh.. It's a serious challenge which created by Microsoft, offering the Imagine Cup Competition specially for students around the world. I didn't know there's such nice competition offering to us until my lecturer, Dr Rathiah told me, thanks to her for recommended me to go for the competition.

This Imagine Cup Competition is a world's premier student technology competition, there's several categories that student can choose with, and I think for me, as a IT student majoring in Software Engineering, can take the Software Designs challenge. But the problem is what should I use to compete? At first, Dr Rathiah and Prof Rosziati mentioned that I could use my final year project to compete, here comes the problem, how to modify my project to hit one of 8 United Nations Millennium Development Goals. That's the problem... :(

See the word "Poland" beside the Imagine Cup logo? Yeah, that's right, this year all the candidates can go to Poland to compete their products! However, for Malaysian student, have to win the challenges in local first then only can compete internationally. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

:: I-City ::

Where were you on new year eve? Well, we were at I-City for new year countdown event. :)
Thanks to kyle brought us there. :D

The large crystal christmas tree!

Mini christmas tree.

The lovely snowman.
Fireworks of the night.

In love with little snowman. :D

The crystal christmas tree's glimmering behind us. :)


Been Malacca last month, with my close friends from hometown. It is so fun can go for a trip togeeeeeeeether. :)

Malacca most famous traditional food, Chicken Rice Ball.

Satay Celup, one of the most famous food as well. Long-queue for few hours. ><>

I don't know what pillar is this. Just noticed it is a must to take photo with it. :D

Took in the Muzium.

The funny Boon asked me to act so. Have a laugh my dear readers. :)