Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 down. What's next?

Three competitions are over. Silver for iTEX competition, "zero egg" for Imagine Cup competition, and gold for NRIC competition. Ya, I'd never tell you guys about my system right? Our system has two different names which are Police Report Imaging System (PRIS) and Hiding Criminal Information System (HCIS). Even though it has two different names, but the contents, interfaces, coding and so on are exactly same. It was my supervisor's idea to give a different name. And now I'd realised I shouldn't made it so.

Actually three people are developing this system. I'm the one who started it first and the only representative who present in all three system, the other two teammates, Yen and Quenny can't make it as they needed to attend the Infosys program at Sarawak. What a pity.. Yen was responsible for XML, list view display and SMS parts, while Quenny was responsible for database, documents upload and display, and documents phone captured parts. The rest including those troublesome documentations, interfaces design, novel algorithm, buttons function, authentication and so on were handled by myself. And I'd never forget the other two special "teammates", Lei and Hebe who accompanied me all the way in Imagine Cup and NRIC competitions. Thanks girls!

What is our system about? Yes, it is specially designed for police use. As the title of the system's name, it is used to handle criminal reports. Main function is used to hide Top Secret underneath the criminal images. PRIS or HCIS is the only system developed in Malaysia as I found no similar existing system in Malaysia (perhaps for the whole world).

Too bad I got nothing (except friendship and experiences) in Imagine Cup competition. I know the reason of losing in Imagine Cup. I didn't hit the 8 Millennium Development Goals. I've tried, been tried very hard tried to link my final year project (the novel algorithm) to develop a system that hit the 8 goals! But still, it dint really hit. I was very frustrated. I was the FIRST GROUP to present in Imagine Cup! How "lucky" I was! Recalled back, one of the person in charge, the Chinese guy (forgot his name, just remembered his name is something Jie) blamed us that we late for the presentation! In fact, first, we went to the place by the bus provided. Second, it is actually still early for the time of presentation. Third, he has no right to blaming us in that kind of manner! Luckily his friend who stand beside him helped us to explain to him that it was the bus problem. Gosh!

I really hate the time constraint in Imagine Cup! Competitors actually given maximum twelve minutes to present. I had fully prepared, been practiced more than 5 times for presentation in ten minutes before I go for real presentation. But guess what? I was such a failure! I did not manage to present all the speech that I had prepared for the real presentation. The Judges asked me a lot questions when the time hit 7 minutes, they keep asking asking and asking without letting me to finish my speech! Arggggghhhh!!! Many new functions of our system did not show to Judges. I even has no time to show my secret weapon (the letter written by head of investigation department) to them! You know how hard I got the letter? You know how difficult the process of interviewed the high rank police officer? I will never forget how hard I requested to meet them, or so-called beg them, I was like a beggar begging them for letting me ask few questions, even my teammates scared and stand there to watch.

Whatever, we still won something in other competitions right? I'm really really glad to won a gold medal for NRIC. The first gold for UTHM in NRIC. Thanks iTex, Imagine Cup and NRIC competitions giving me such a great opportunity. Billion thanks to them!

The red oval shows there's only one group who get 80 over 100 marks.

The red circle shows that there's only one group that get gold medal for IT category in NRIC.
Yeah, and guess what? Our team won the only one gold medal for IT category! You know, what a surprise when I heard the MC announced my name as one of the gold medalists! I never expect to get a gold. Actually, my heart was thumping every time when the MC announced for the bronze and silver medalists, but I heard no my name in those medalists. So I'd already gave up to win an award when the MC announced for gold medalists. And I didn't give any attention on the gold medalists until... until I heard "UTHM" and my name from MC! We made it! I made it! :) Credits go to all contributors of our system! Again, THANKS!

Yes, I know I wrote too much... But I still want continue... In iTEX competition, my UTHM PPI person in charge took my silver medal, and my supervisor took the certificate... I attended the judgement day for presentation, but I absent for the result announcement day. So I missed the chance to have a look on our silver medal and the certification! Sobsss... I wanna get back the medal and the certification! But how? That is impossible because UTHM want to keep them... Luckily they don't take my gold medal in NRIC, they just took the significant certification from me. I still have the personal certification on hand. :)

I guess this is the longest post ever. Too bad I didn't meet the important person while I was in NRIC competition. The stupid girl thought she can have some sweet talks face to face. I know I'm no longer important anymore. Maybe, for that person, I actually never been important before. Well, no matter what, Aeris Teoh is still the same Aeris Teoh. It's time to have some REAL REST!:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

:: Langkawi Island ::

Yeah, finally headed to Langkawi Island for Imagine Cup competition after the iTex Competition which held at KLCC. Stayed for 5 days 4 nights at Langkawi with Bing and Lei. Actually the event was started from 17th of May to 19th of May, but I bought the air ticket by myself, my supervisor asked me to purchase from 16th until 20th. :p

The sea view at Bella Vista Hotel. It's our first day of the trip.

The buildings just like the wonderland.

The lizard which accompany us while we taking our photo. :p

I look like very relaxing. In fact, I was very nervous for the presentation.

First try on Batik.

Do we look like Nyonyas?

The second day of the trip. Awana Hotel. The landscape is much nicer than Bella Vista Hotel.

The third day of the trip - Judgement day. Our project name, PRIS (Police Report Imaging System). It's really bad that my two teammates, Yen and Gaik can't join for this presentation.

With our co-ordinator, Dr Rathiah. She's been helping us all the way of making this project besides my supervisor, Prof Rosziati. Hahah.. Sorry I din't make it for next round. :p I've been tried my best. And I know one of the reason of lost is because we din't really hit the 8 millennium goals. Anway, congratulations for our group that able to get a Silver for iTex Competition! :)
The fourth day. Took photo with an ang mo.
Let's fly!
Imagine Cup competition brought me alot of precious experiences and sweet memories. :) Thanks to the event organizors, thanks to Microsoft. Once again, thanks to Prof Rosziati, Dr Rathiah, Miss Chuah, Sir Che Mahazan (Head of Investigation Departion), Dr Zul (Head of Pusat Kesihatan Unit) and my teammates Yen and Gaik for helping me in order to develope the system. And thanks to my friends Lei and Bing for accompany me to Langkawi.
Glad to meet those other competitors and the student helpers.
Attended the Gala Dinner with another 2 teams. But I forgot their team's names. :p

With two student helpers, I guess their names are Seok Cheng and Aswin.

With another two student helpers.

Yeah, what's next after the Langkawi trip? Yup, it's another trip to USM from 24th of May to 29th of May, for the NRIC competition! Penang, I'm coming for you! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT been abandoned by her owner for months. How sad! XD
I'm really really too busy to update her. Too many troublesome things waiting for me to settle. And too many sad and happy things occured recently. :)

Photo taken when I was in Microsoft's workshop.