Thursday, March 4, 2010

No solution..

Yes, been to the Batu Pahat Police Station three times! Why I went to there? Yes, it's all for the Imagine Cup competition. =.= It was a hard journey to get in and meet the highest officer there, the Ketua Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah. Went there with my two other members, Yen and Gaik. And finally got all the information that we needed including the confidential report formats and the recommendation letter! Yeah! You know how difficult we got those documents?! I will never ever forget the process of getting to meet the Ketua...

Recall back when I went there for the first time, I was like a trouble maker and reluctant to leave the police station without earning anything. I passed them the interview letter (which I hardly got from faculty), and they kept saying that need time for them to process my request, and I was like a thick-face person din't want to leave until one of the police woman got angry. Luckily another chinese-liked softhearted policeman stand out and bring me out of that situation. Then my lucks was began here... Thanks to him! :)

I am really super duper grateful to the Ketua, he helped me alot! Fulfilled all my requests eventhough he was very busy, indeed. How lucky I am, I got many helps from others in order to participate in Imagine Cup. What an ashame I would be if I fail to develop the proposed system! Frankly speaking, I am stuck, facing the value storing and value passing problems to hide a key file and a text file into a class to be hidden in image. I am very .... very .... very vexing now! My dear codes, please come to find me, or just come to give me a solution in my dreams, I'm waiting for you~~~

Code, code, code.. How to solve?