Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Warm Christmas Holiday

Haha.. Can't believe I'm writing this post in my faculty's lab! So boring and have nothing to do...
I'm craving for Tang Yuan!! No one made for me, mom is not here.. How sad! :)

All my friends who had watched Avatar said it's worth to watch. I want to watch too!!!

Leaving Johore tonight, heading to Penang, meet my dear dear CPei and celebrate christmas together. Miss her alot!

Merry Christmas! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bukit Cahaya

Taman Pertanian or so-called Bukit Cahaya is located at Shah Alam. We went there few weeks ago.
This is the new swimming pool, with nice scenery.
The beautiful parrot!
And birds in animal park.
We'd tried to touch the horse while the horse having the food.
Cactus Garden.
The latest game, Skytrex Adventure! I wanna try that next time because it's needed to prebook first before heading there.
What a disapointment the Four Seasons House is closed that time. So I'd just captured with the lovely snowman. Loving snowman so much. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh I'm so emo recently. Too bad eh? Haha... Sorry to make my blog readers worried, feel like blogging is the only way to express my feeling, translate the mood under the bottom of my heart into writings on blog.

I'm craving to dye my hair! Wanna put some dark colour on my whole hair, change the lucks, change the challenges, change the life! :)
Is the colour suit me?
Or this one?

Aha, blonde is my most wanted colour. But I won't dye this colour for sure. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm bloody down. Feel like can't make a single breathe. Can someone shout at me? Can someone scold me?!

Can I shout loudly as much as I can? Can I bang myself to the wall? Can I cry? Can I borrow your shoulder just for awhile?

Friday, November 27, 2009


Last night Tian sent me a song which I love it's rhythm very much.

曾铁可 《狮子座》
Such a nice song.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm unhappy lately. I'm sad, indeed.
Just had few hours sleep for last two days, very tiring, still, can't fall asleep in the bus along the journey from Batu Pahat to Pudu. Felt like the eyes were wet.

I don't show the unhappiness or sadness face in real life, the smile is always stick to my face. Only her, Miss S, can read my mind everytime there's something happened to me. Only her can noticed when my mood is down. I miss her so much, but we will only meet after one month long.

"Cheers Aeris!" Keep telling myself, how to get rid of disappointment and sorriness?

My soul is sick. "Beautifulless Imperfect".

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brain Memory Lost

Oh my god! I forgot to renew my reference books. What the hell was I doing at home last week? It's just needed some few clicks on the web site to renew my items and I totally forgot to do so!! Ngahhhhhh!! It's the second time I need to pay for the fines! Why? How could I forgot to renew since I was keep reminded myself to renew those books before having the holidays. Sobs...

One, two, three, four, five, five books! I need to pay the fines for five books!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Semester Ended

One semester is over. What had I done for this few months? :) That's alot! Assignments and projects, quizzes and tests, final examinations, PSM1 presentation, PSM1 report and application form with two essays were all done. I'd took a long, long time and throw my wholeheartedly to finish my PSM1, and thank's god I got a A for this subject. :) Thanks Mr. N to check for my essays. Thanks so much! :)
Look at those reference books that I borrowed from library. I'm wondering do I really have the time to study all?
I captured this by chance. It was given by a friend when I was in Year 2. And I'm still keeping it safely, on my desk. He is a friend who did the most, among all boy's friends that I ever met. I can see the sincerity of him. :)
Celebrating Mooncake Festival by ourself. With three mooncakes and tea brought by them. :)

Jelly! My beloved. I saw this once I reached home. Thanks for Yen and Lei for making this. :)

Susan is leaving soon~~ Been making her a farewell at KFC. :) She is really good, always kind to us, giving help whenever we need her.

Oh my Su~~ We gonna miss you. :)

Camwhoring when we were in RedBox. It's been few weeks din't meet up my dear. We hang out together right after my final examinations.

Introduced this dessert to my readers, but only if you like durian. Here it is, Durian Pancake! Tasty with cream within it.
You can find this at Sweetchat Restaurant, located at Mid Valley. :)
One more thing, I got a C+ for one of my subjects, Analysis Algorithm. It was a great shock when I saw the result! Can't believe why I got such result.. So sad. :(

Friday, November 6, 2009


I am incredibly tired and fatigue. Been insomnia everyday every night even nap! Too stress? Maybe... Worrying my pointer, don't want lost my first class...

Later need to write 1500 words essay. Bless me~~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


根本在玩我嘛~~~ XD

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Connie Talbot - I Will Always Love You

Gosh! Connie Talbot. Her voice is so beautiful! I am greatly impressed! She recorded this song when she WAS 6. Can you sing like her when you were 6?

Sometimes, I don't know what am I doing. I got to stop. I should have listen to you, Amanda.
I should kick it out, kick it out kick it out!
Stop everything. Back to normal from abnormal Aeris. Stop from doing fool.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whitney Houston - Appearance

-- Lyric --

No matter how long it past,

Still can't shake you off,

I thought I made it,

But still,

You'd always appearing in my mind,

I'm wondering how could this happend,

How could it happend since it's not true,

I don't want to keep you in heart,

I don't want you keep appearing in my mind,

I guess,

It's time for me to really let you go.

Monday, October 26, 2009

::Imaginary Puppy::

I was studying for my final exam just now, until fall asleep for about two hours. >< The notes definitely are sleeping potions to me.

What was in my dream? Well, the dream was so real! I can recalled all the circumstances existed in my dream. I was given a GIFT by my daddy. It was a puppy! A yellowish Labrador Retriever! I do miss my dog a lot for the god's sake. But in fact, I'd lost her. The dream was really real, I'd hugged it, feed it, cleaned it, protected it, urgggg.... I was in unbelievable to have a puppy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It was like one of the rarest but precious experience that I ever had in my life on Friday, two days ago. It was my PSM 1 presentation. I was in very nervous situation due to lack of confidence of myself and after watching Yu's presentation. Yu and I both are doing the individual thesis which beyond the degree level and we are the very first in uthm for IT students who did so. Our thesis are about "Designing an algorithm to ......" which are for master level. We guess that's because our supervisor want to have the very first try and imposing us as the white mice. :D

Thing that we worried was happend that day, Yu was the first present, Yen was the second, then mine. We had 3 panels and extra 2 lecturers watching us that day, don't know why.. One of the panel who just back from oversea (a phd level) keep suspecting her whether she manage to fulfil her thesis, and the other panel claimed that her thesis is for Master level and needed her to discuss with her supervisor. Her presentation had used about 50 minutes. Darn! I was so nervous after watching her persentation! I've tried to make myself calm and cool, I'd sms to my net friend, and the friend asked me to be confident, "Show him your talent, make him to drop his jaw!" This is what the friend replied. Haha.. and this statement is so true. I made it!

Then my turn to present, and my speech including Q and A session was about 45 minutes. The phd level's panel keep interrupted by asking me a lot questions though I havent finish my speech. What had I done in these 45 minutes? I've google searched (he wanted me to do so, weird!) and showed him where I found the e-journal as one of my literature review, compared the images on that journal and explain to them. On the other hand, I'd used the marker pen and taught them (as the panel required) like I'm the lecturer and draw on the white board. He wanted me to show him how is the proposed algorithm, but the problem is the step for designing the new algorithm will only be done in chapter 4 "Analysis and Design". He is so stubborn to want me show to them! Okay then, I had just used the concept that given by Miss Chua (our ftmm tutor) few days ago plus the understanding that I have, combined and explained on the white board. :D

Story hasn't end yet. The phd level's panel was unwilling to give up yet, he keep asking me whether the proposed algorithm can be run. I think of the friend's sms, I replied him "YES". Panel asked again, "Are you sure". I answered "I think can". He repeatly asked the same question and I'd answered him the same. Then he said "I know that's a possibility of success, but it still has the probability of fail since you haven't run the algorithm yet." What the hell he wants the answer from me? I replied "I thought all the students do not need to come out with the actual output first in this current steps.....", and he interrupted me again while I was still talking! Alright then, I just told him that I'll note it and be more careful next time before I proceed to next time. Finally, he'd silent! =.=

I have never seen other psm students facing such things except three of us. Should be considered lucky or unlucky to have such panel? Well, I personally do enjoyed it nevertheless. Credits go to the net friend and Miss Chua! :)

We'd entered the wrong lab before rushed to the right one. This photo was taken when we were still at the wrong lab. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tomorrow, my PSM 1 (Thesis) presentation. I am so worrying about it. Lack of confidence of myself, "full" of preparation though. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, just wish that it will goes smoothly. I'm nervous. :(

I saw a motor accident this afternoon! Fortunately the accident did not make a serious injure to the rider. Been saw a couple of time those motor accidents at Parit Raja. I don't want to see my friends were involved in such accidents, please, do be careful while riding!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

在准备着明天Literature Review的Presentation,很紧张,因为所有东西都得靠背的,老师只允许我们放一个Slide啊。。

鼻子一直伤风,从早上到现在,加头疼,感觉,好像要生病了。。。 :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

::Busy Day::

Had a bad bad dream when taking my nap just now. :( Dreamt about a ghost and bad people. Sobs... Fortunately Yen Yen woke me up for dinner.

Had an insomnia last night. Can't sleep well because my sleep mode was setted to 3am in the last whole week. I felt physically super duper tired though, guess might be some one who usually having the insomnia spread the virus to me!

I saw Calvin's post on the Facebook. Feel so sad when reading his post.

"几米说: 当你喜欢我的时候,我不喜欢你,当你爱上我的时候,我喜欢上你, 当你离开我的时候,我却爱上你,是你走得太快,还是我跟不上你的脚步, 我们错过了诺亚方舟,错过了泰坦尼克号,错过了一切的惊险与不惊险,我们还要继续错过. 我不了解我的寂寞来自何方,但我真的感到寂寞。你也寂寞,世界上每个人都寂寞,只是大家的寂寞都不同吧。" This was what he post. Gosh! I don't like the way he expressed his feeling, it's just making other people worry for him. :( However, most of the videos from Youtube that he post on Facebook are really nice. Thanks him for sharing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

::Raya's Celebration::

Tomorrow, again, need to head back the place I study. Feel unwilling to go back, but have to. Bad thing, my bus ticket on 9am! T.T My friend bought for me, or else I wont buy early ticket!!!
My intuition tells me next week will be a busy and unlucky week as usual. Somehow I scared to face the truth, some people in uthm. I don't know what am I talking about, just... prefer staying at my sweet home :)

I've done few activities with my beloved friends. :) Bowling, movie x 3, birthday celebration with two september babies, shopping with dear, yum cha, and nap at dear's house. ;) Also, I'd finished my chapter 2 literature review and one home test assigment. Gosh, I din't touch all the notes that I brought back yet. Wasting my manpower to bring home. :(

Yokoso Mascara for Ashley's birthday present since she likes to make up, so i guess this might suits her.

Face Scrub for Gideon's birthday present. I'd called him before bought this for him to make sure if he's using a face scrub. :D
Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe. Din't you all noticed that the words on the cake are so ugly? Kyle said it was wrote by a foreigner. :(

The main characters of the night.

Boon's holding his apple juice and my honeydew juice (fresh juice, my favourite ;)). Peck Wah and me both were wearing black shirt that night.

Gideon's goldfish face any my tongue out face. He was keep asking me to post this photo on the facebook, but I haven't do so. :D

The family of the day (and the camera girl) at Boston Sunway. Feel so good hanging out with them indeed. :)

And this for myself, my new watch since my old ones is spoiled.
Thanks to my beloved daddy. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendship Line

That's a guy who keep asking me out since few months ago... I'd rejected him all the dates by giving lame excuse that busying with my stuffs. Currently is my special break (raya break) which has one week holidays, last week, that guy told me that he wanted come to my house at Klang and i thought he was kidding. Who knows! Gosh, he is serious! Saying coming to my house in this weekend...

To avoid bad things happen to him, car accidents or got lost at somewhere, I'd persuaded him not to come by promised him to out with him once i get back Batu Pahat.. *sobs* What else can I do?? Tell lies that I have a new boyfriend? Or break my promise not going out with him? Haha.. That were what my friends suggested... However, I am unwilling to do so, I don't want to cheat people, break my promise or drag innocent guy friend into the river.. :(

Sometimes, I do wondering why can't we just be normal friends? Why some of them so stubborn want to across the friendship line? Isn't it better if just become friends, sharing, caring and helping each other?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dotty Blue

Booty of the Day. :)
Bought at Bukit Tinggi's Aeon Jusco.

A pair of shoe purposely for classes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

:: Precious Friendship ::



我很珍惜那样的纯友谊,很喜欢那样的友谊。。 :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I saw this on forward mail, one of the most peculiar creatures, its called the Angora Rabbit.
Isn't it lovely?

I wish I could have one. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

::Bad Luck::

Argghh... I had a run of bad luck recently... Fatique and tiring, busying of assignments and busying of rushing to classes at two different campuses, which have made me lack of enough sleep everyday. ><
Don't know why, that's alot centipedes in my house at Parit Raja lately, and I saw a HUGE centipede in the bathroom when i was bathing!!! What a nightmare! Darn... I hate centipede too! I am so afraid of centipede! What I did was I took the bucket nearby to hit the centipede a couple of times until it did not moving anymore. Gosh... I killed it! I have no time to ask for help from my housemates in the nude. T.T I was so cruelty to kill it without any mercy. :(

The centipede which is extremely nauseating! ><

Monday was the due date of the psm (thesis) proposal, and I met my supervisor yesterday to discuss about the research I did last week (in mid semester break), I'd noticed that the watermarking approach is too complicated and too tedious to be redesigned while the steganography is more straightforward and much interesting. Then my supervisor suggested me to change the psm title to that approach, which means I have to redo all the literature reviews that I done it half way last week. :( Waste my time and manpower. Haha... Anway, I think it's better to redo and change the approach, what I want is just a perfect psm. ;)

I'm wondering who covertly sent me those bad luck... When will the good luck secretly come to me?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

World's Tallest and World's Smallest doggy

The tiny dog below is Tom Thumb, been reported on Sin Chew newspaper today as the smallest dog in the world. Tom Thumb is a Chihuahua and Jack Russel mix cross, just born four or five months ago. His measures is about 4 inches long while his siblings are three times of his size.

Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix cross, at barely the height of a tea cup.

And look at the white doggy below, I guess this is another smallest dog on the planet. Scooter, a Maltese, 8 cm long, smaller than Boo Boo (smallest dog in Guinness Book of World Records). Scooter needs three extra eggs each day beside regular meals to make sure he get enough nutrition. His own bed is just as big as a shoe case. :D While Scooter is still young, he appears to have stopped growing..

Maltese, with white fluff.

Next, World's Tallest in Guinness Book of World Record, Gibson, has passed away one week ago, how sad! He was a Harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley, California, the dog beside him in picture below is Boo Boo (which I mentioned above), a Chihuahua. Noticed that Boo Boo is even smaller than the Gibson's head. :D

Gibson and Boo Boo, what a scene.
Wootz.. How tall Gibson was!