Wednesday, August 26, 2009

::Bad Luck::

Argghh... I had a run of bad luck recently... Fatique and tiring, busying of assignments and busying of rushing to classes at two different campuses, which have made me lack of enough sleep everyday. ><
Don't know why, that's alot centipedes in my house at Parit Raja lately, and I saw a HUGE centipede in the bathroom when i was bathing!!! What a nightmare! Darn... I hate centipede too! I am so afraid of centipede! What I did was I took the bucket nearby to hit the centipede a couple of times until it did not moving anymore. Gosh... I killed it! I have no time to ask for help from my housemates in the nude. T.T I was so cruelty to kill it without any mercy. :(

The centipede which is extremely nauseating! ><

Monday was the due date of the psm (thesis) proposal, and I met my supervisor yesterday to discuss about the research I did last week (in mid semester break), I'd noticed that the watermarking approach is too complicated and too tedious to be redesigned while the steganography is more straightforward and much interesting. Then my supervisor suggested me to change the psm title to that approach, which means I have to redo all the literature reviews that I done it half way last week. :( Waste my time and manpower. Haha... Anway, I think it's better to redo and change the approach, what I want is just a perfect psm. ;)

I'm wondering who covertly sent me those bad luck... When will the good luck secretly come to me?


EeSoon said...

dear, gambade ya! remember, you have friends who will support you from back here~

Aeris said...

Yea Dear... I will never forget you~~ :)