Thursday, December 23, 2010

:: Candy Tree ::

I love candy so so much... But too bad I can't take it for few weeks. Keep coughing coughing and coughing... Those syrups seem like not effective at all.

Candy Christmas Tree!

The first Christmas card that I received in this warmth season. :)

One of my farewell present. The White rabbit. Isn't it lovely? Thanks!

Merry Christmas to all my dear readers. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy birthday to my dear grandmom!

The 3 kg birthday cake for grandmom when she turns to 80! The cake is looks like something else, isn't it? XD

The cake with candle lighted.

Dang Dang! My grandmom and my beloved nephew!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bye Bye $500

Oh yeah! It's so great to bye bye the $500! It's been 6 months with the only $500 earned each month, paid 5 tolls each day, and 73km journey everyday. Well, it has comes to the end. So great to have friends farewell with me. :)

My team mates in special cluster and my supervisor.Thanks Encik Din for the lunch. :)

Chai, Pei and KF, thanks alot for the lunch! It's really really yummy!

"Kat chaaak". And thanks Win for the lunch too. Your Canon is the best! It's proven with the photo quality if compared with my Lumix! >.<

Can I have the same free lunch again? :D

That's the place, Xenri.

Climbing up to the office.

Thanks for the dinner ya Jim and Ed! It's always so funny to talk to you guys. The two funniest guys I've ever met in this company. XD

Alan, who always passby my cubical with his noisy foot steps.

Pei pei dear. It's one of the most happiest thing that I had in this internship period to meet you again here! Lunch together, walk together, chit chat together, gossip together and paintball-ing together! Too bad you forgot to take back your cake. And it was finished by my dad. :D

My cubical! The space is actually very limited to put my stuffs..

I'm gonna miss all of you~~~ Miss ya! :)

See you all again ok?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guess what? I was so outdated! I just know the news about the Alviss K. which happened on 9th of December! The news is written in the newspaper on 10th of December, but I'd missed it. Went to the paintball event with all together 31 persons. I got to know this news from my friends' blog posts few hours ago. So I went downstairs to dig out the Friday's newspaper. And this is really OH MY GOD! How's crazy?! He not only killed himself, he is also killing his ex girl friend's life indirectly! How about his parents? His siblings? And his close friends? Oh please... If you really do love her, what you did should make her happy, and not making her depressed forever... Where's your maturity huh... :(
It's useless to give any comment anymore, everything is just too late. Time can't goes back.
Rest In Peace.

I really dislike those people who treat Facebook as their dairy book. Post every single sensitive things on Facebook especially those related to a relationship. You can post, but please post wisely, not those words that MIGHT hurt some one else. Not those words that telling the world it's all the girl's fault while you are the innocent one! Darn it!