Sunday, November 14, 2010


Been celebrated my mom's birthday few days ago. I guess she was really enjoyed the night with the joyful birthday song and cakes from us. =)

Cheese cake (left one) from dad, and the Tiramisu (right one) from me! Obviously, I know the cake I bought is much smaller then the cheese cake. But I don't have the income yet, I promise I'll buy bigger for you next year ok? XD

I think it's the first time for mommy to have two birthday cakes at one time. I didn't know dad would buy one for her, and he didn't know I will buy one for her too. That's why end up with two cutie cakes. :)

Mom said she wants Tiramisu flavour.

I was trying to buy durian for her actually. I'd purposely searched for durian at AEON Jusco because normally they selling the durian there at different rates of price, thought of buy the most expensive one which is most tasty one for her. But then no more durian now, it's not the durian season right now... :(

Durian durian where are you?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One of the memories of mine.

It's attached with two bells. I purposely made it so. It was actually came with only one bell. Love the sound from bell so much, don't know why... Almost most of my stuffs attached with bells. *dling dling* :)