Thursday, November 10, 2011

:: Lunch @ Italiannes ::

It was our 150th day~ We'd randomly picked a restaurant to lunch together, and I, chose Italiannes because I saw a "RM 15.90 ++ " written on the Italiannes big advertisement board. But then, it actually also stated with a very small "T & C" on the bottom. >.<

Seafood risotto
Chicken Milanese (if not mistaken), it's cover with full of cheese, my flavour (I mean the cheese :D)!

Seafood Rissoto. The rice is very tasty! Strongly introduced by him. Love it~

Grape Fruit Shake. The best fruit juice I have ever tried.

grape fruit shake

I tried the Lasagna A La Ravina before, very tasty as well. Great place to lunch or dine with your besties, love one or family. :)