Thursday, November 10, 2011

:: Lunch @ Italiannes ::

It was our 150th day~ We'd randomly picked a restaurant to lunch together, and I, chose Italiannes because I saw a "RM 15.90 ++ " written on the Italiannes big advertisement board. But then, it actually also stated with a very small "T & C" on the bottom. >.<

Seafood risotto
Chicken Milanese (if not mistaken), it's cover with full of cheese, my flavour (I mean the cheese :D)!

Seafood Rissoto. The rice is very tasty! Strongly introduced by him. Love it~

Grape Fruit Shake. The best fruit juice I have ever tried.

grape fruit shake

I tried the Lasagna A La Ravina before, very tasty as well. Great place to lunch or dine with your besties, love one or family. :)


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I tried Seafood Rissoto with the girls before... Opsss that time you still in Johor.. I think =P

Aeris said...

T.T you reminded me "The Cave", I also never try it before T.T

But the Seafood Rissoto really nice ~

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Ask that someone bring you to go ~ One day we go again together hehe !!

Yeah nice, I love Mussels so much !!

Aeris said...

But people said the food at The Cave is not nice..... You still willing to go spend money again there?

EeSoon said...

YEp dear, food in The cave is not nice. small portion, big $... taste... so-so only. not worth.

Not going to visit there again. But you can visit there, go once and enjoy the environment. ;)