Wednesday, August 26, 2009

::Bad Luck::

Argghh... I had a run of bad luck recently... Fatique and tiring, busying of assignments and busying of rushing to classes at two different campuses, which have made me lack of enough sleep everyday. ><
Don't know why, that's alot centipedes in my house at Parit Raja lately, and I saw a HUGE centipede in the bathroom when i was bathing!!! What a nightmare! Darn... I hate centipede too! I am so afraid of centipede! What I did was I took the bucket nearby to hit the centipede a couple of times until it did not moving anymore. Gosh... I killed it! I have no time to ask for help from my housemates in the nude. T.T I was so cruelty to kill it without any mercy. :(

The centipede which is extremely nauseating! ><

Monday was the due date of the psm (thesis) proposal, and I met my supervisor yesterday to discuss about the research I did last week (in mid semester break), I'd noticed that the watermarking approach is too complicated and too tedious to be redesigned while the steganography is more straightforward and much interesting. Then my supervisor suggested me to change the psm title to that approach, which means I have to redo all the literature reviews that I done it half way last week. :( Waste my time and manpower. Haha... Anway, I think it's better to redo and change the approach, what I want is just a perfect psm. ;)

I'm wondering who covertly sent me those bad luck... When will the good luck secretly come to me?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

World's Tallest and World's Smallest doggy

The tiny dog below is Tom Thumb, been reported on Sin Chew newspaper today as the smallest dog in the world. Tom Thumb is a Chihuahua and Jack Russel mix cross, just born four or five months ago. His measures is about 4 inches long while his siblings are three times of his size.

Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix cross, at barely the height of a tea cup.

And look at the white doggy below, I guess this is another smallest dog on the planet. Scooter, a Maltese, 8 cm long, smaller than Boo Boo (smallest dog in Guinness Book of World Records). Scooter needs three extra eggs each day beside regular meals to make sure he get enough nutrition. His own bed is just as big as a shoe case. :D While Scooter is still young, he appears to have stopped growing..

Maltese, with white fluff.

Next, World's Tallest in Guinness Book of World Record, Gibson, has passed away one week ago, how sad! He was a Harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley, California, the dog beside him in picture below is Boo Boo (which I mentioned above), a Chihuahua. Noticed that Boo Boo is even smaller than the Gibson's head. :D

Gibson and Boo Boo, what a scene.
Wootz.. How tall Gibson was!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Human Horse

I found by accident a Human Horse in a furniture shop at Sungai Buluh today. The Human Horse which the master capenter made is really looks exquisite and beautiful! It seems has a soul of a man and a horse inside the statue, I can felt it while looking to it's eyes. ^^ He looks a little bit fierce in photo below, but in fact he is lovely in real. My dear readers, do you like Human Horse? :)

The right side.

And the back. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

KH :: SK

Life is so boring without you dear...
How dare you went to Malacca without me~~ ngawawaaa T.T

Anyway, have fun ya! Don't take the H1N1 disease back ya..
And yea, I'd like to take this RARE chance to say few words just for you dear since I have the mood to do so.. ;p
Thank you KH for always keep my company for years, and it's been 9 years!
We shared those smiles, tears through the years,
You cheer me up whenever I'm down,
You prop me up whenever I'm fall,
You scold me whenever I'm thinking something fool,
You are always there whenever I'm single or in love,
Your existence really make my life worthwhile dear! ::::::::

"Like old wine, our friendship gets better with time!"
May it bring us many more happy moments to share ya! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


H1N1 is everywhere recently around the world. Heard that more than 100 sick students in my university have been suspected. I'm sick as well since this Tuesday until now, sneezing, running nose, sore throat and cough, luckily no fever, just lack of satisfies sleep. :)

My coursemates are scared of the disease, wearing mask even they are sleeping. :D
And this, the top FTMM student with her mask.

And me, deep bags under my eyes caused by the sicknesses.

Take care my blog readers,
Take care my friends,
Take care everyone!

Dean Ceremony

Yeah...Finally I can online at house in Parit Raja. :)

Again, taking two dean certificates for last two semesters in second year at DK 2 last Thursday. The trophy for this FTMM's ceremony is just a glass with UTHM logo, which worse than the trophy that I got last time.

"With Best Compliments" is printed on the glass.

Those Malay girls are from my batch.

With lecturers, Dekan and all those students who got dean Part 1.

With lecturers, Dekan and all those students who got dean Part 2.
Congrats all! :)