Saturday, August 15, 2009

KH :: SK

Life is so boring without you dear...
How dare you went to Malacca without me~~ ngawawaaa T.T

Anyway, have fun ya! Don't take the H1N1 disease back ya..
And yea, I'd like to take this RARE chance to say few words just for you dear since I have the mood to do so.. ;p
Thank you KH for always keep my company for years, and it's been 9 years!
We shared those smiles, tears through the years,
You cheer me up whenever I'm down,
You prop me up whenever I'm fall,
You scold me whenever I'm thinking something fool,
You are always there whenever I'm single or in love,
Your existence really make my life worthwhile dear! ::::::::

"Like old wine, our friendship gets better with time!"
May it bring us many more happy moments to share ya! :)


Ashleyteng said...

wahhh.. may your friendship with KH last forever k. what a touching blog post it is.

Aeris said...

May the friendship between you and I last forever too ya :)

kar hui said...

omg!!!dear!!!super touch leh!!!for me you also very very important!!!thank you for being so tolerance n patient!!!love you!!muackzzz