Saturday, August 22, 2009

World's Tallest and World's Smallest doggy

The tiny dog below is Tom Thumb, been reported on Sin Chew newspaper today as the smallest dog in the world. Tom Thumb is a Chihuahua and Jack Russel mix cross, just born four or five months ago. His measures is about 4 inches long while his siblings are three times of his size.

Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix cross, at barely the height of a tea cup.

And look at the white doggy below, I guess this is another smallest dog on the planet. Scooter, a Maltese, 8 cm long, smaller than Boo Boo (smallest dog in Guinness Book of World Records). Scooter needs three extra eggs each day beside regular meals to make sure he get enough nutrition. His own bed is just as big as a shoe case. :D While Scooter is still young, he appears to have stopped growing..

Maltese, with white fluff.

Next, World's Tallest in Guinness Book of World Record, Gibson, has passed away one week ago, how sad! He was a Harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley, California, the dog beside him in picture below is Boo Boo (which I mentioned above), a Chihuahua. Noticed that Boo Boo is even smaller than the Gibson's head. :D

Gibson and Boo Boo, what a scene.
Wootz.. How tall Gibson was!


melvin said...

seems like u are really into dogs. wat about cats? persian kittens are very adorable. especially the ones with big eyes
but stray cats are irritating, especially the malaysian breeds.

Aeris said...

Yea, I love doggy!
Cats eh? Some cat breeds are quite adorable, but i hate those in UTHM!
Those cats can simply sleep on the table at canteen and middle of aisle, not afraid of human at all.. =.=
Are you a cat too? Miao.. (mel) :D

Anonymous said...

This doggy is big who likes cats here because I hate them especily the ones without fur they are horriable I'm more of a dog person what about you:-):-):-):-):-);-):-)

Anonymous said...

So cute this dog is masive I want one I hate cats they are horriable :-);-):-);-):-);-):-);-=]