Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Monitor

Ya right! I got my monitor today. But just monitor... No pc, no mouse and no keyboard yet. It's a NEW one!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

:: SkyTrex Adventure::

I can felt the ache all over especially on my back when I was still sleeping in the morning. And now I still feel the pain in my both arms. Yea, all this pain is caused of the adventure of skytrex yesterday which located at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. Last time we din't play the skytrex, but this time we finally did. :)

Guess what's those blackie things on the soil?


Yes, those are ants crawling on the soil and tree.
We decided to play Big Trill at first, but the ticket seller said it's more convenience for them to look after us if we play Extreme Challenge. So, we changed to Extreme Challenge. This Extreme Challenge consists of 21 extreme challenges, some platforms are really high! The highest platform reachs 22 meters from the land! Luckily all of us do not have the fear of heights. ;P

All the challenges are actually very tiring. I love Flying Fox the most!

For me, the most difficult challenge is ladder climbing. It is super duper exhausting me to climb up the ladder!

Hui was trying to act as climbing the ladder actually. :D

Soon was helping the little monkey to wear a hat.

And I just simply took a photo with the board even though we didn't play Big Thrill.

Cycling awhile before went home. :)
Fern, we wanna warn you do not play Skytrex ya, those challenges need a lot energy to accomplish, and it is not advisable for your body to play. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jobless now..

Super relaxing at home now after the busy life. I love such lifestyle, sometimes works night and day to finish a project, as busy as a bee, but sometimes very relaxed staying at home.

Since I have nothing to do at home beside taking care of my baby, I wanna find something to do. While re-designing the PRIS, I'd recalled back of the suggestion that given by judges when I was presenting for NRIC. To increase the robustness of the algorithm that I created, he suggested that I can used different techniques of compression for each images. So which means that, besides those techniques I adapted into the algorithm (compression is one of the technique), the images should be generated by using different compressions RANDOMLY. Well, this is hard for me, I need to figure out those existing compression, maybe create a new compression (perhaps). Yes, I wanna try it tomorrow. Why not just try it tonight? Haha... Because I'd found out an error when I test the PRIS for presentation that time. I know what's and where's the problem, going to fix it tonight. :)

The lovely penguin hangers I bought from Langkawi Aquarium, aren't them very cute? Do you want to have one? :)