Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm bloody down. Feel like can't make a single breathe. Can someone shout at me? Can someone scold me?!

Can I shout loudly as much as I can? Can I bang myself to the wall? Can I cry? Can I borrow your shoulder just for awhile?


EeSoon said...

you can shout as loud as you want.
you can cry.
you cannot bang urself to the wall. that's a NO.
and yes, my shoulder is always ready for you. :)

dear, be strong for ur next challenge! Yea~ I love you. muaxx.

Aeris said...

I won't bang myself to the wall. Won't do such silly thing.
But my heart's always want to do so. :(

Cpei said...

What is the bad thing that make u so bloody down.... think of me n smile ^0^ cheers~ it's December!!

Aeris said...

Yeah, it's December! Think of you made me feel warm dear. :)