Saturday, September 26, 2009

::Raya's Celebration::

Tomorrow, again, need to head back the place I study. Feel unwilling to go back, but have to. Bad thing, my bus ticket on 9am! T.T My friend bought for me, or else I wont buy early ticket!!!
My intuition tells me next week will be a busy and unlucky week as usual. Somehow I scared to face the truth, some people in uthm. I don't know what am I talking about, just... prefer staying at my sweet home :)

I've done few activities with my beloved friends. :) Bowling, movie x 3, birthday celebration with two september babies, shopping with dear, yum cha, and nap at dear's house. ;) Also, I'd finished my chapter 2 literature review and one home test assigment. Gosh, I din't touch all the notes that I brought back yet. Wasting my manpower to bring home. :(

Yokoso Mascara for Ashley's birthday present since she likes to make up, so i guess this might suits her.

Face Scrub for Gideon's birthday present. I'd called him before bought this for him to make sure if he's using a face scrub. :D
Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe. Din't you all noticed that the words on the cake are so ugly? Kyle said it was wrote by a foreigner. :(

The main characters of the night.

Boon's holding his apple juice and my honeydew juice (fresh juice, my favourite ;)). Peck Wah and me both were wearing black shirt that night.

Gideon's goldfish face any my tongue out face. He was keep asking me to post this photo on the facebook, but I haven't do so. :D

The family of the day (and the camera girl) at Boston Sunway. Feel so good hanging out with them indeed. :)

And this for myself, my new watch since my old ones is spoiled.
Thanks to my beloved daddy. :)


melvin c said...

oh! form six fellas. havent seen them since ages. especially peck wah. lol! 'some uthm ppl?' haha... i know wat u mean. i deeply understand. i always wanna get out of this place too. but wat to do :( we dont always get wat we want.

Aeris said...

So we got to be used of the environment here, with the new life here. And it's been for years. :)