Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm unhappy lately. I'm sad, indeed.
Just had few hours sleep for last two days, very tiring, still, can't fall asleep in the bus along the journey from Batu Pahat to Pudu. Felt like the eyes were wet.

I don't show the unhappiness or sadness face in real life, the smile is always stick to my face. Only her, Miss S, can read my mind everytime there's something happened to me. Only her can noticed when my mood is down. I miss her so much, but we will only meet after one month long.

"Cheers Aeris!" Keep telling myself, how to get rid of disappointment and sorriness?

My soul is sick. "Beautifulless Imperfect".


Ashleyteng said...

hey my dear.. what makes u so unhappy..?
smile and cheer up k

Gideon said...

Im the same, a face stamped with smiley face... cant change that. But then, ur more fortunate than me to have at least someone to know whats underneath that "mask".