Monday, November 16, 2009

Semester Ended

One semester is over. What had I done for this few months? :) That's alot! Assignments and projects, quizzes and tests, final examinations, PSM1 presentation, PSM1 report and application form with two essays were all done. I'd took a long, long time and throw my wholeheartedly to finish my PSM1, and thank's god I got a A for this subject. :) Thanks Mr. N to check for my essays. Thanks so much! :)
Look at those reference books that I borrowed from library. I'm wondering do I really have the time to study all?
I captured this by chance. It was given by a friend when I was in Year 2. And I'm still keeping it safely, on my desk. He is a friend who did the most, among all boy's friends that I ever met. I can see the sincerity of him. :)
Celebrating Mooncake Festival by ourself. With three mooncakes and tea brought by them. :)

Jelly! My beloved. I saw this once I reached home. Thanks for Yen and Lei for making this. :)

Susan is leaving soon~~ Been making her a farewell at KFC. :) She is really good, always kind to us, giving help whenever we need her.

Oh my Su~~ We gonna miss you. :)

Camwhoring when we were in RedBox. It's been few weeks din't meet up my dear. We hang out together right after my final examinations.

Introduced this dessert to my readers, but only if you like durian. Here it is, Durian Pancake! Tasty with cream within it.
You can find this at Sweetchat Restaurant, located at Mid Valley. :)
One more thing, I got a C+ for one of my subjects, Analysis Algorithm. It was a great shock when I saw the result! Can't believe why I got such result.. So sad. :(


Ashleyteng said...

ha.. got flower from boys also ya.. ;)
when you gonna intro new bf to the gang? xD

Aeris said...

Hey, you are misunderstood ya...
Haha.. Is my post made my dear reader blur?
He is now just my friend. And the flower was long ago. :)

Gideon said...

Haha... admirer leh... i think i know is who... and now u oso still got an admirer who is still admiring u... i know is who also...
weh, no tag boards to chat ka?

Aeris said...

Gideon, you don't know. That's no way for you to know. :)
Tag board eh? Okay, I'll make it soon. :D

bEryL's said...

so geng!!
and nx sem ll b ur last sem in uthm lo..
all t best ya!!

Aeris said...

What so geng? The PSM1? Thanks Beryl. :)

Yea, the coming semester would be my last semester if nothing special happened. :)

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u...........................................................................

Aeris said...

Nice to meet you here, vadahodges1211 :)
Who are you?