Monday, October 26, 2009

::Imaginary Puppy::

I was studying for my final exam just now, until fall asleep for about two hours. >< The notes definitely are sleeping potions to me.

What was in my dream? Well, the dream was so real! I can recalled all the circumstances existed in my dream. I was given a GIFT by my daddy. It was a puppy! A yellowish Labrador Retriever! I do miss my dog a lot for the god's sake. But in fact, I'd lost her. The dream was really real, I'd hugged it, feed it, cleaned it, protected it, urgggg.... I was in unbelievable to have a puppy!


Wil said...

I love puppy, and now I have 2 dogs! :D

Aeris said...

We are both dog lovers!
What dog's breed you keeping?