Saturday, May 22, 2010

:: Langkawi Island ::

Yeah, finally headed to Langkawi Island for Imagine Cup competition after the iTex Competition which held at KLCC. Stayed for 5 days 4 nights at Langkawi with Bing and Lei. Actually the event was started from 17th of May to 19th of May, but I bought the air ticket by myself, my supervisor asked me to purchase from 16th until 20th. :p

The sea view at Bella Vista Hotel. It's our first day of the trip.

The buildings just like the wonderland.

The lizard which accompany us while we taking our photo. :p

I look like very relaxing. In fact, I was very nervous for the presentation.

First try on Batik.

Do we look like Nyonyas?

The second day of the trip. Awana Hotel. The landscape is much nicer than Bella Vista Hotel.

The third day of the trip - Judgement day. Our project name, PRIS (Police Report Imaging System). It's really bad that my two teammates, Yen and Gaik can't join for this presentation.

With our co-ordinator, Dr Rathiah. She's been helping us all the way of making this project besides my supervisor, Prof Rosziati. Hahah.. Sorry I din't make it for next round. :p I've been tried my best. And I know one of the reason of lost is because we din't really hit the 8 millennium goals. Anway, congratulations for our group that able to get a Silver for iTex Competition! :)
The fourth day. Took photo with an ang mo.
Let's fly!
Imagine Cup competition brought me alot of precious experiences and sweet memories. :) Thanks to the event organizors, thanks to Microsoft. Once again, thanks to Prof Rosziati, Dr Rathiah, Miss Chuah, Sir Che Mahazan (Head of Investigation Departion), Dr Zul (Head of Pusat Kesihatan Unit) and my teammates Yen and Gaik for helping me in order to develope the system. And thanks to my friends Lei and Bing for accompany me to Langkawi.
Glad to meet those other competitors and the student helpers.
Attended the Gala Dinner with another 2 teams. But I forgot their team's names. :p

With two student helpers, I guess their names are Seok Cheng and Aswin.

With another two student helpers.

Yeah, what's next after the Langkawi trip? Yup, it's another trip to USM from 24th of May to 29th of May, for the NRIC competition! Penang, I'm coming for you! :)


EeSoon said...

wow wow wow!!! Another competition to go in two days? Wow wow...

Eh? I notice 3 of you have same shoes! Are those from the hotel? Or you all purposely but it? hahaha~

All the best in another competition. And Congrats on the Imagine Cup Competition~

Love you always,

Aeris said...

Nope, not from hotel. We girls bought them in coincidence. ;p
If not mistaken, I was the first one who bought the shoe first. (maybe they copied mine? just kidding..haha)

Thanks! And I really hope you are well and happy lately, you seem like not really happy. :(

EeSoon said...

:) I am fine dear. Thanks. :)
HAhahaha... coincident huh!? haha.