Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Fabulous Night!

As my birthday celebration, my friends and I have tried out the Shabu Shabu at Puchong Bandar Puteri for our steamboat dinner last Saturday. The customers are served just like how it works in Sushi King. All the materials such as veges, beef, octopus and bla bla bla are packed nicely into a plastic spinning at the middle in front of customer. Not bad enjoying meals in Shabu Shabu. :)

It is buffet style, food's spinning, you can select any materials u want and cook them into your own steamboat.

The pork Amanda likes the most..

My Favourite! Fried Yam..

They keep forcing me to eat the pork which was wasted by Amanda.. See the hand behind my head? It was belongs to Amanda..

Two funny girls were acting cute :P

The Fantastic 4 aka F4..
Next, it was the most fabulous programme of the night after the dinner... Euphoria Night!

Euphoria Sunway by Ministry Of Sound.

We gals really really did enjoyed at Euphoria. It's classy and non-smoking area. So fun shaking at the vibrating dance floor. All the light effects, musics and surrounding are brilliant! Especially the smog effect making us more chill! We'd having the Absolute Vodka Blue mixed with Lemon Tea and it'd tasted nice!

DJ Patrick Oliver From Miami.

The Vibrating Dance Floor. Damn great shaking in the middle.

I'd thought I would not have the single chance to get drunk... Who knows I got drunk lastly :p

Thanks for the celebration dears.

And thanks for taking care of me that night. Thanks for did not leave me on the floor or somewhere else since i got drunk. :P Ying you are so weak as well... haha... easily get drunk because of me who keep cheered with her. :)


Kai Hao said...

Happy birthday Aeris! Bring me to Euphoria!

Aeris said...

Yea sure... Let's go!

Anonymous said...

you have gastric but still want to drink??until drunk.......not bad.....what i can give you is my mother finger ...........by小帅

Anonymous said...

haha i dont really go to my limit usually. but it was your big day that day with all my trusted great friends, so why not enjoy while i can?? it was fun drinking with you and let the rest take care of us.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! bad me...

Sok Ying

Anonymous said...

oh damn that DJ looks perfect in that photo!
and in real person of course! XD

Sok Ying