Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY's coming!! Yea...

Chinese New Year is coming soon... I feel so much excited waiting for the coming of the holidays! That's 5 more days, i will going to Bei Jing with a trip.

I guess it will be super duper fun for me because the whether in Bei Jing is very chilly, It's WINTER!!! The weather i love the most... and the snowing i await so long!

Though there's 3 assignments and 2 labsheets need to pass up after the new year, I'm going to finish it all before the first day of chinese new year, hopefully, then i'll have my absolute perfect trip. ^^

Winter in Bei Jing, I'm coming for you~~

I'm going to take a photo of myself with this great view.

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Cecillia said...

BeiJing trip looks really nice!