Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coin Guy

The scenery of Perwira, which the water refill machine is located.

I've been meet a nice guy at Perwira this week. He is a Malay, was wearing helmet that time, and I'd totally forgot how he look likes.

I think it was Tuesday, Wednesday or maybe Thursday, forgot which day it was, holding the 5 liter empty bottle to refill, but the refill machine was sick and it ate my 60 cents, i just got my 30 cents water refill into the bottle, i have no extra coin to refill it back... Luckily the Malay guy saw the situation and give me a hand with 20 cents to refill the water back. Can't believe still has a nice human stay at Perwira! There's a lot people who only stand idle without giving any helps...

Thanks to him and bless him... But i can't recognize his face, cant return the coins back to him...

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