Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm feeling very terrible,
it's been 2.30am,
at this silence of a deep night,
still staying at hostel,
doing a roughly research,
for the final year project,
I have several ideas,
but all doesn't work reasonably,
because I'm personally think,
those would not achieve,
My last idea before the new one,
was a timetable generator,
one of the supervisor said,
it is very difficult and complicated,
I was nervous,
came out a new idea,
but there's a similar,
almost same functionality software,
available and been using around the world,
what should I do,
how can I modify,
how could I develop the software well?
I do feel nervous,
and dread,
I have to be more hardworking,
steady and sturdy,
to achieve what i wish,
to fulfil the dreams...


Cpei said...

jia you ooooo~~
you can do it!!! =)

Aeris said...

Sobzzz... Thanks Cpei, I wish I can do it too...

I haven't get the signature from supervisor yet, still waiting prof to come back from outstation.
Sometimes i feel like wanna find other lecturer as my supervisor since prof is too busy.