Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm doing research recently for my majoring, software engineering because I need to send a title for my final year project to get the approvement. A chronic worry keeps making me really feel anxious now! I am super duper worrying that I will not able to develop the system or software for the title i sent, that is why I still can not manage to decided a project's title yet, and I need to send it at June 15th. Better kill me~~


Ashleyteng said...

what?! you're doing software engineering?!!! aren't they kidding?!! i thought you were in the history and business class during form 6?!!! i wonder how they allocate courses...?

Anonymous said...

Take it easy girl.i will always support u.but u must believe 小帅

Cpei said...

add oil gal~ u can do it!!!