Saturday, May 30, 2009

Precious Gathering

Thanks to Kyle for making this simple gathering for Form 6 ex-schoolmates. :)
We basically divided into two groups, both chatted with own closer friends, there were no communication between both groups, how sad ya.

Form 6 Gathering at KK Old Town.
It's a great pity that some of the friends did not make it to attend the gathering. Mel, I should have asked you to come along, sorry ya. ;)


Ashleyteng said...

oi, it's without me ya? = = i'm doing industrial training in selangor now lah = =

Aeris said...

oh... Haha... You din't let one of us know that you are at selangor now.

I'll call you out next time when we have gathering again! :)

Amy said...

it is good to hav a gathering wif old friends once in a refresh and recall sweet memories^^