Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Days in Short Sem...

Days in short semester are very suffering. No entertainment, no students besides us and NO FOOD!

See, my hostel's canteen has nothing that can eat.

Left meehun and bean sprout which my housemates and I reluctant to take as our lunch.

So, what else can we eat? Maggi and KFC! ;p We ate Maggi as our lunch and KFC as our dinner yesterday.

The road at front gate is still under repair.

No people waiting at the bus stand which was usually crowded.

We finally found something that is unusual! The circles I marked are mushrooms! Hardly believe there is other living things accompany us in this short journey (short semester).

They are growing under the sun. One, two, three, four, five... Five adorable mushrooms!

Trying hard to survive from being deflowered by the ruthless human.
The aisle is noiseless.

That is why I suggested to take some cool pictures since we find no one in sight.

Acting as supermodels. :)


Anonymous said...

cool oh,,like big sister,,haha

Cpei said...

waaa.... seems so free neh u all hehehe