Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming Soon

I went to Sunway's Redbox yesterday, it was really cheap! Four and a half hours with a set lunch only cost each person RM11, it was Monday and non public day that is why it was cheap. :)

Singing K at Pyramid till sore throat.

Simply acting as a lesbian. ;)

We were not satified of what we did yesterday, to fulfill the unsatisfaction, we chilled out again today to Timesquare and been watched a movie, "Coming Soon". My gosh! it was holly terrible, it is one of the most horrorest movie I have ever watched in my life! I've been frighten from the beginning until the end of the movie by those dreadful scenes! I don't even dare to upload the poster of the movie on my blog here. Nevertheless, the story line of the movie is really nice and unexpected, you should try it!

Kenny Rogers as my lunch.


Anonymous said...

a!!u are lesbian

Aeris said...

what do you think? :)

Cpei said...

the lesbian pic looks nice

Anonymous said...

yup, nice..but look like so sad..y。。。。。by小帅

Aeris said...

Yea Cpei, I love that picture. :)

小帅, my parter looks happy, don't her?

Anonymous said...

i said u(Aeris)not your partner, y?...........by小帅

Aeris said...

Hahah... You are wrong..
I was happy at that moment..
I didn't look sad. :)