Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Celebration for My Housemate

My dear housemate going to graduate soon. :( We have been made a small celebration specially for her on Wednesday to have a happy ending before she leaving us..

The pretty Cpei who was the main character that night.

We bought her a chocolate cake and a large set of KFC as our dinner.

Disgusting.. Who throw the food unclose like that?

What were they doing? Measuring Yu's waist or molesting?

We girls like to act funny, believe it? See below!

Monkeys in the house! See, I told you.

Back to normal pose. Cpei looked so happy that night stretching out her both arms with Yeah pose.

Happy family, again. :)

These are our last photo taken in that house, we have moving to another house for our short semester. Short sem going to start soon, I hate it, I hate short sem! This is the second time I take the short sem. Why IT students must take short semester without giving any chances to choose while others are in holidays for TWO MONTHS! Darn it.. Unfair! :(


Anonymous said...

hehe,,graduate already,,good luck in her feature^^

Kai Hao said...

Well, taking short sem has its advantage. You graduate earlier. :)

Aeris said...

Arghhh.... Why not you stay for the short semester?
Come, let's exchange! You take it.

Cpei said...

thanks for anonymous... and thanks aeris for uploading my photo without permission huh? haha thanks gals for celebrating for me, btw i really enjoy my 2 months holiday~~ hohoho

Anonymous said...

Girl will always act so warm.but boy :sorry,won't do that...........by小帅

Aeris said...

Cpei, I only uploaded those pictures which have shown your beautiful! I'd uploaded my monkey face picture as well. ;p

小帅, guys can do the same too! Just depends on you want it or not...