Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know, I still owe you one post since 2 months ago. I'm now here to fulfill it. LOL

Actually I'd really have nothing else to tell. I'm not like some other people, I won't let the past torture my mind. What's in my mind only have how to make life happier and happier. Yeah I know, the point for this post should be wrote about something. Be patient to read ya... :D

What I wish for, is hard to get. So it end up with nothing. Some people says they let it go naturally, they believe in fate, while some others said efforts taken is the key to get it. Well for me, sure I won't make any first step first, I'm not those initiative type of girl eh! Haha! But, I will do something if I seen their sincerity with the right feeling. But too bad, I encountered some bad things in the past year. What else can say? What else can blame? What else can rescue? Haha, just let the past pass. Such thinking might not a good attitude, but who cares?

Somehow, those sweet memories will still keep playing in my mind. Heart is grieved when I found out myself is no longer important to him anymore... But the sadness will only remained for few minutes. Haha! Well, many things are unpredictable! Lots surprises are awaiting us! Cheers! :)
Super addicted to Rabbit recently! Hello it's Rabbit year!

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